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How can I donate to the Foundation?

For details about making a donation to support the Kenneth A. Spinato Foundation:
• Call us at 480-275-4319
• Email us at
• Or donate directly via PayPal using the button in the above menu


Is my donation Tax Deductible?

The Kenneth A. Spinato Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID: 90-0528397). The organization qualifies for the AZ State Tax credit. Please consult your local tax accountant for more information on how your donation qualifies for a deduction on your taxes.


How do I know where my donation goes?

All donations will go to the current organizations we are in partnership with. To check on the most recent lists of active partners please visit the Charities page on this website, as we will update it with any new information.


How can I my organization considered?

The Kenneth A. Spinato Foundation has three major pillars of donations partners: Kids, Vets and Animals. These often tend to collide with some organizations, especially with service animals. We are open to organizations that benefit kids, such as teacher support. To send your organizations information out to be considered, please fill out the form below.

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We graciously give our hearts, hands, time, and energy to serve
to support each other and our community.

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